Durational performance, #bodyknitting
Concept: Alya Hessy. Performers: Alya Hessy, Pavlos Marios Ktoridis.
● November 21-22, 2015 – Fries Museum, Leeuwarden
● July 1-2, 2016 – Fashionclash Festival, Maastricht
● September 24-25, 2016 – Ambacht in Beeld Festival, Amsterdam
● June 2017 – “Eigentijds Vervlochten met MIJ, van Gispen tot Hutten en van Abramović tot Blaisse”, Museum IJsselstein, IJsselstein

Over and Under – body-knitting into life. The work explores knitting as a concept, whereby this heritage craft becomes a model of human relationships. Two entities, working together, create a material. Two human bodies start moving to become knitting needles, the choreography of knitting unfolds into space and materialises into a story of two people collaborating.

The work is a part of an intriguing discourse in “Knitting after Making: what we do with what we make”, 2019 by Jessica Hemmings

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Alya Hessy - Over and Under - body-knitting

Over and Under, Fashionclash Festival Maastricht 2016. Photo Team Peter Stigter


Alya Hessy, Over and Under

Over and Under, Ambacht in Beeld (Craft in Focus) festival, Amsterdam 2016. Photo Bram Kloos